3 Solutions To Housing Shortage ProblemsConcrete houses stacked.

Housing problems are prevalent throughout the world but especially in poverty stricken countries and communities. In order to solve the housing crisis in these areas, it is necessary to take some practical as well as innovative approaches. Here are 3 proven solutions to housing problems:

1. Public Land Development

In order to build affordable housing, public property in areas that have the biggest housing shortages needs to be surveyed and assessed for development. Why? Because public property will be less costly reducing the expense of the development to provide truly affordable housing.

These land surveys should not just be aimed at vacant public property but should also focus on public buildings that are vacant, outdated or no longer have a function. These buildings, like hospitals, libraries, police and fire departments are often located in areas where there is a great need for additional housing.

2. Housing Assistance

Housing assistance can be offered to low-income earners in many different forms. There are government programs as well as affordable loans from some co-operative funding initiatives that provide affordable finance for property purchases.

A drive to force employers in the private sector to take on some responsibility on providing assistance to purchase or even rent property to their employees should also be addressed. Providing employees with a housing allowance as part of their salary or wage agreement can go a long way to solving the housing crisis.

However, these initiatives are mainly aimed at low-income earners and middle income earners may still feel the pinch when it comes to affording a home. Initiatives to address the needs of the middle-income class should also be considered.

3. Subsidized Housing

Some form of subsidized housing for poverty stricken or low-income earners is instituted by just about every country in the world. Unfortunately, the demand for this type of housing often far outweighs the availability of these type of homes for the greater population.

However, subsidized housing is normally restricted to providing lower rental for a specified period of time. After this time, rentals will rise once again making what is meant to be affordable housing out of reach for those that need it most. Subsidized housing should be integrated with a plan to provide long-term subsidies or lowered rental rates.

There are many different solutions that can be applied to solve housing shortage problems, some of which are more successful than others. An integrated approach, combining one or more of these solutions, should provide the best long-term outcome.

4. Building Extra Roads + With Subdivision of Land

A housing solution thats had been used in other parts of the country has been to subdivide land. With the use of large concrete paving machines and excavators they are able to make agricultural land into subdivided land plots. However getting workers to these remote areas proves to be difficult and is often hard as all concrete layers and concrete cutting professionals tend to work around city areas.

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