How much does it cost to build a house in Australia?

There are many factors that play a role in how much it will cost you to build a house in Australia. Generally speaking the price is around $155,000 on the low end. Below are the main factors that will determine the price of building a house in Australia.

1. Location And Land- Location is one of the biggest factors in how much it costs to build a home in Australia. Building a home in Sydney or the surrounding area can be very expensive, while building a home farther away from major cities can be far moire affordable. Land is also a major factor and land will actually determine the budget for the build, in most cases. A lot of land can easily cost upwards of $20,000, and the larger the land the more it will cost.

2. Materials Used- The type of materials you use can impact price and where the materials come from also affects price. Brick and brick veneer can be quite pricey. Lightweight cladding is up there too in price, but lightweight clad materials do allow the builders to create a facade that is impressive. Before you hire a builder, make sure you ask them where they will get the materials and then request a quote from various suppliers of those materials because this will give you an idea whether or not the builder is overcharging you.

3. The House- Your actual house that is going to be build is also a factor. The size of the home and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms can have a huge impact on price and so can any special features, such as a pool, central air and things of that nature. The style of your home and the size of it can mean the difference between thousands of dollars, so it is important to determine what your budget is and do research on how much your home will cost to build. Furthermore, you’ll want to have an idea of how many square-meters your home will sit on because this can mean a bigger price tag on building your home.

The type of home you want to have build and materials are two factors that play a role in how much it costs to build a home in Australia. Location and land are also factors, and let’s not forget to mention that the company you hire will impact price. If you’re willing to spend around $250,000, then you should have no problem building a home virtually anywhere in Australia, as long as it’s not in a major city.


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Good Plans Will Have A Complete List Of Materials To Build A Home

When it comes to building a house, of course, you’ll want to start with a well thought out plan. You can’t just buy a bunch of building materials and start hammering in nails. If you already have your lot picked out, then it’s time to search through all the home plans and find one that not only fits your dreams and desires but also fits your lot as well.

A Good Architect Can Help You Decide On A Home Plan

Not all plans will fit every kind of lot depending on the slope, grade, trees, and other amenities. If you have any ancient trees it would be nice to work around most of them if possible since it can take decades for a replacement tree to grow back. Then, there is always the problem with the soil and rocks. You’ll want to have the area surveyed to make sure you’ll be able to place your home there and not have it go under water in the rain or maybe sink into the ground instead.

After you’ve already chosen your house plans and decided where to situate the house on the lot, then it’s time to make a list of all the building materials that you’re going to need. Many home plan books that you can buy or view on the internet will have a complete list of building materials that are required to construct the house.

If you buy high-quality plans they’re going to even have a list of cuts that need to be made on all of the boards or timbers. This can save an enormous amount of time in labor costs since you can then have a cutting crew, measuring and cutting constantly without having to keep checking the plans.

The Foundation And Septic System Will Come First

Some heavy equipment will need to start by clearing and leveling the property. Then the exact location of the foundation will have to be measured and marked as well as the placement of the septic tank and drain field. A good backhoe operator will make quick work of the trenches and a foundation crew will be able to start cleaning up the trenches and putting in the forms for the foundation.

After the foundation crew is completely done with the forms then the concrete trucks can come and do their pouring then you’ll have to wait until is has set sufficiently before the forms can be removed and the framers can begin their job.

Building your own home or having one built can be a grea=t experience. If you have a good architect you can save a lot of headaches by having them help you along the way. Or you can go with a good general contractor and let him do most of the work while you watch from your lawn chair.